Creating Your Business Plan

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In order to be successful as a small business owner you need a plan. That plan can take many forms but one of the most common and useful formats is the “traditional” business plan. This is the document that most financial institutions and investors will ask for when you approach them about funding. It will […]

Eating the Frog: Time Management Tips

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With so many communication gadgets distracting us from our goals, what specific tips do you have to manage time? How often has this happened to you?  There is a presentation that you are due to give at 8 A.M. tomorrow.  You have it on your list but there are many easier and non-critical items that […]

Determining the Right Customer Mix

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Some business owners view their business as a 3-legged stool….the product/service they provide, their customers and their business team.  When all three are working well in a way that produces sufficient gross revenue to derive a profit (after expenses and salaries) the business is deemed profitable.  This business may even be able to reinvest profits […]

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What is a Sales Funnel?

Posted on by Eric Byrd

There are 3-4 key performance metrics that business owners and managers typically rely on when developing and updating their sales plans.  Sales funnels typically flow from the contact phase to the closing phase and the general goal is fill from the top and extract revenue from the bottom. attempting contact get response build credibility and […]

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