We look forward to working with you as you start and grow your business.

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New Businesses

If you are starting, recently started, or are taking over a business, we recommend you register for the “How to Start a Business in Loudoun County” workshop. In that session we talk about many of the basic information and things you need to know about starting a business. Feel free to refer to our calendar for the next workshop.

You may also find some other events that can help you with other aspects of starting, or running, your small business.

New Business Questionnaire

Existing Businesses

If you have an established business or have already attended the Start a Business workshop and have questions, we ask that you provide some background information before we meet one-on-one. Please complete both forms online through the links below, and we will review them as quickly as possible. Once we receive the documents we will contact you about other services that would be appropriate for your situation, such as a no-cost appointment with a business adviser.

Existing Business Questionnaire