Joey McCord


Joey brings 20 years of product management and engineering experience to the MEC. He has gained that experience in a variety of industries, including but not limited to, the federal government, subscription-based non-profits, media, advertising and health care. During this time, Joey has been a developer, product manager, project manager, COO, CPO, CTO and founder. He will use these experiences to advise in everything from technical architecture, resourcing, product vision/roadmapping, operational management and venture fundraising.

Joey brings a deep network of clients, resources and subject matter expertise that he has gained through his work throughout the Northern Virginia, Washington DC and Baltimore area. Over his career, Joey has developed a core belief that technology is ultimately a means to delight clients, so his focus is on squeezing incremental value out of every aspect of product and technology development. He relies on a pragmatic decision-making approach, where technology is right-fitted to each company, client and culture combination. When he is not involved in product and technology, you will find Joey surrounded by his female-dominated life (3 girls and 1 wife).  When time permits, he takes in a live show or sporting event.