Tom Solitario

Business Advisor

A 20-year veteran in business, Tom is an advisor to various technology startups in artificial intelligence, Blockchain, and international development. Previously Tom led, at MAXIMUS, Inc. the administration and corporate market research for global expansion; supporting there, the integration of digital capabilities.  While at MAXIMUS, Tom was also lead investigator in Mergers and Acquisitions including: due diligence and integration.

Fluent in Spanish, Portuguese, and French, Tom has delivered strategic global partnerships, expanded international markets and sold high value deals in marketing and sales positions at: Ligado Networks, Philips Electronics, Loral, and CISCO.

Tom also had a broad and successful career in the U.S. Air Force, as a systems acquisition officer and in intelligence.  He served as a military attaché in Brazil and on the Air Staff at the Pentagon.

Tom earned his undergraduate degree in Physics from The College of the Holy Cross with a minor in Mechanical Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute.  He has an MA in Strategic Studies from Georgetown University and is a graduate of the Defense Systems Management College. He and his family reside in Northern Virginia.