There are 3-4 key performance metrics that business owners and managers typically rely on when developing and updating their sales plans.  Sales funnels typically flow from the contact phase to the closing phase and the general goal is fill from the top and extract revenue from the bottom.

  1. attempting contact
  2. get response
  3. build credibility and rapport
  4. needs analysis
  5. solution proposed
  6. ongoing persuasion
  7. closing

However, an additional tactic to consider is spending extra time and emphasis on the bottom half of the funnel where you already have credibility and rapport, and ensure your existing clients receive your offer to sell them other products and services you have.

To recap, as a colleague recently suggested to me, “don’t say no for your client” (by not offering them the generally relevant products and services you have).  Instead give the opportunity to buy a service related to their business from a credible, responsive vendor – you!